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hostess. no more mean e-mails about the girls in the homecoming dresses. they look lovely even if, according to the police, arguably, inappropriate. >>shepard: little debbie filmed cakes with the filling. >> where was shep that day? >>shepard: a health scare for former president carter. why emergency crews rush into a hospital after a flight from atlanta. and box two, bullets flying at a college library and it is still a crime scene while they figure out why someone opened fire with an automatic weapon. and box three, we heard so much about texting and driving. but what about eating and driving? or women who polish their nails and drive? or play with their pet? a study on distracted driving
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that could surprise you. it's all ahead unless breaking news changing everything on studio b. but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york, a potentially major shakeup for the white house could come as early as this week. as you probably know, many reports have indicated the white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, will step down, to run for mayor of chicago. fox has learned the official announcement could happen this friday. a source close to rahm emanuel says family considerations are the only hurdle left. of course rahm moved from chicago to washington after the 2008 election. he has he young kids in school in washington, dc. a run for mayor means moving the family back to chicago which is infer easy especially during the school year. and now like from the white house with the latest on how it affects the decisionmaking. >>reporter: you said it: rahm emanuel just moved the family here from washington, dc, moving
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the kids out of the schools they attempted in chicago since being a member of congress. for him to run for mayor would be moving them back, probably by christmas. and they might have to find a new house because the one he occupies has now been represented out. the past week or so rahm emanuel has met with other chicago politicians considering a run for mayor including self members of congress, jackson, and the man that was elected to rahm emanuel's seat, and the message is if they run against each other don't let the campaign get ugly. rahm emanuel's chances look good from washington, but chicago's politics are local and there are a couple of things he lacks: he lack as strong local political base in chicago and he doesn't have a large number of people who owe him political favors so do not call him mr. mayor yet. >>shepard: if he decides to run tell us what will happen.
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>>reporter: the frontrunner to replace him is peter rouse who takes over as interim chief and for a number of reasons the president might not be in a real hurry to replace him. the two go way back, the president hired rouse to be his senate chief of staff in 2004 and rouse is part of the inner circle that planned mr. obama's run for the white house. and he also has a history of working with members of congress. he was daschle's chief of stamp for -- staff for 20 years. >>shepard: great to see you. and we will talk about rahm emanuel's expected departure and what it meepz for the white house with the cofounder and executive director of and the ultimate reality show, and the united states is wanting very closely the north korean dictator kim chong-il as he promotes his third son to the
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rank of four star general. in doing so ahead of the nuclear armed nation's biggest political gathering in three decades. this is a new picture of his son. people in the north korean capital appear excited for the big announcement dancing in the square but there are things that are not always exactly as they seem and it is a secret country. our corporate is live at our newsroom here in new york. do we have any clue what is happening? >>reporter: not really. nothing for certain when it comes to north korea but it seems now that it is highly likely his son will take over as leader when his father dies. given kim chong-il's sickness, that could be very soon. so, what will north korea look like under kim the younger? not a lot different according to our experts.
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>> he is chubby and ruthless as his dad. he got the dictator gene and if he takes over you do not see much change? he is a mini me dictator. >> beyond that there is very little we know about the young man in his late 20's who may soon have his finger on north korea's nuclear button. >> we know he went to private school in switzerland until he was 15. he went there una false name posing as the son of the driver of the north korean embassy. and reportedly he idolizes michael jordan and he is into roller blading, skateboarding, and basketball and snow boarding, skiing. he likes good food, obviously, from the pictures we have seen of him. but the one thing, the important thing about him is that he is not ready to take over from his
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dad. remember, the founder of north korea, spent more than 20 years preparing for the succession of his son, kim chong-il, the current leader. kim chong-il has spent basically two years trying to get his son ready. and, so, this is really haphazard planning. >>reporter: and that could mean a power struggle. his son may have the backing of his father but he has put his sister in a powerful position and her husband and those two may decide weapon kill chemical dies they would rather have all the power rather than advising from the shadows. >>reporter: there will be a free-for-all and because assassination is a time-honored method of dispute resolution in the regime we can imagine it will be bloody. >>reporter: that could mean chaos, which would be chaos in a nuclear armed country, not good for everyone. >>shepard: thank you, hive from the -- live from the
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newsroom. stay tuned. developing still, former president carter hospitalized toafd after -- today after he became ill on a flight. he was due in cleveland for a book signing but when the flight arrived from atlanta crews took president carter off the plan and property him into the metro health hospital. our correspondent is live with more. what is the official word at this point on president carter's condition? >>reporter: he is fine. there is nothing serious but there is conflicting reporting about if he still is in the cleveland hospital. we know what his grandson said on facebook and what the carter center has said and they put out a statement about the 86-year-old former president saying while on the flight to
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cleveland the former u.s. president jimmy carter developed an upset stomach and taken to metro health hospital. he is resting. he is expected to resume the book tour this week. carter's grandson, jason, a georgia state senator, said on the facebook that the former president was out of the hospital but said, no, he was misinformed and he is still in the hospital. we are checking with the hospital. carry's book tour was scheduled to take him to 16 cities by the end of the month and he had written a book called "white house diary," and back to you. >>shepard: thank you live from capitol hill. the c.i.a. stepping up attacks against mill taps inside pakistan. if you think there is not a war look again. these strikes could be an effort to stop potential plots against the unit united kingdom and europe.
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stay tuned. @k@k@k@k@k@k@k
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>> the president of afghanistan crying in reaction to the violence saying it is keeping children from attending school and could force people to leave his country. a reported suicide bomb killed a deputy governor on the way to work. and his son, his nephew and a bodyguard. after during a national televised speech the president
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karzai broke down in tears calling the taliban his country men and urged them to "do not destroy your own soil." i am scared. i am scared that maybe my son will leave afghanistan and abandon the country and become a foreigner for the sake of god, stop it. i don't want my son to be a former. he told afghans not to use the war as an excuse to let their country fall apart. >> fox learned that the c.i.a. has stepped up its missile attacks in the tribal regions of pakistan where militants are hiding. sources say the c.i.a. carried out the attacks because there was good intelligence to act. the wall street journal which is owned by the parent company of this news network reports that the strike aimed to stop a suspected terrorist plot against targets in europe. word of the strike comes after pakistani accused nato of violating airspace during
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helicopter attack that killed more than 70 people last friday. nato reports that the troops fired in helpful defense. for more, we will bring in, for more on this i am joined by a man traveling in afghanistan, author of "world's most dangerous place." what do we make of this, rob? >>guest: interesting they are bringing so much publicity to the strikes. i was open the beard in 2002 in the hunt for osama bin laden and there were quite a few cross border attacks but what we see now is much, much, better level of information and intelligence coming from the ground. they are essentially targeting all hostile elements in the small area. >>shepard: we do not hear about what is taking place in pakistan and i suppose for good reason. do you have a sense how big our operation is and is it fair to call it another war over there?
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>>guest: in pakistan, that area is a problem and they are supposed to be our allies so we don't talk about this but they have supported the hostile elements we are fighting. we created the people when we funded them with $3 billion. so right now the communist family controls the main transportation route from pakistan to kabul for the violence. we have never had good penetration into the tribe which in the last area they have puttest into getting good intelligence and it is embarrassing because we continue to present pakistan with hard proof that their government is supporting these elements, the three of them, three different groups. >>shepard: what is this leading to, the big picture? what is the main goal? cut off that route? is that what this is about,
3:14 pm
really? >>guest: it is the same route we built up in the 1980's, moving people in and drugs out. the problem is, very embarrassing because we are dancing with the devil and talking about leaving afghanistan and pakistan is robustly supporting the three organizations. when we hear karzai crying about his son being a foreigner, he is pulling the taliban back into the government so the prospects are not pleasant. >>shepard: a mess, that is for sure. thank you, great to see you. new word that the eiffel tower was shut down again today on a bomb threat. of course, they are seven hours ahead of us, so it is 10:15 and tourists are allowed back after it was evacuated a couple of hours. the second alert in two weeks in paris. this is the telephone threat as
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man others have come in. france is on high alert, or "alert," for possible terror attack on crowded targets. they are nervous in europe, the intelligence seems to indicate there is good reason. what is to happen, we don't know but they are trying to stop it. >> first, a court stepped in. then governor arnold schwarzenegger. and now? word of a brand new delay in california's first scheduled execution in several years. stay tuned. @=h
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>>shepard: from the national football league, owners and others are meeting if you follow the nfl you know they considering changing from 16 game season to 18 game soap. there are a lot of questions how you do that. the nfl issued, or issuing now, a join statement about the meeting that took place today. for one thing, we, all football fans knew, and that is the head of the union believes the owners are prepared for a lock out if the bargaining agreement ends. but more important, we now know that the president indianapolis colts last night said 18 game season is a done deal. you have to go from four pre-season games to two pre-season games and the owners have said especially the coaches they are worried they could not evaluate rookies in that time period so they have this idea from the colts' president. they would have nearby teams -- for instance, the giants, say,
3:20 pm
the eagles, or making texans and the cowboys -- would have scrimmage games during practice which might lead to more pre-season games but they would scrimmage in an efforts to be able to evaluate rookies which sounds interesting. i would watch a pre-season scrimmage, as well. the owners are working on it and the president of the colts says 18 game season for the national football league is a done deal. austin is sugar an "all clear," after a student, yes, a student, brought an automatic weapon into the library and opened fire and killed himself. nobody else was hurt, and the official report that had could have been a second shooter, were not accurate at all. we are told the student acted alone, and investigators are trying to figure why he did it. the university of texas is in austin and it is warning that the area around the library is still an active crime scene and that the school is still closed.
3:21 pm
this insurance depth may have stirred up memories for some in 1966 when a man climbed the clock tower, shot at follow, below and killed 16 and hurt dozens more. >> the expiring of a drug date may keep a man from being executed. this man was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. yesterday the governor arnold schwarzenegger delayed the execution tomorrow until thursday night to consider a request and hours affter that, a federal appeals court stepped in and ordered the judge to reconsider the sentence. the appeals court found problems with the judge's evaluation of the new lethal injection procedures and now comes word that california supply of one of the drugs used in lethal injection expires at midnight thursday night. good grief. if legal issues delay the execution much further, the court could postpone it until
3:22 pm
next year when the manufacturer of this "kill you" drug has a fresh supply. the government should act now to permanently extend bush tax cuts which are set to expire as put into place by the republican congress of the time at the end of this year. so, failure to do so could create a drag on the nation's already struggling economy according to this report. that is from senate testimony by the director of the congressional budget office. but he went on to say that the only way the tax cuts will work is in the fed lowers spending at the same time. hello? we will get the anchor of the willis report, and her two cents. the cbo admits extending the tax cuts is good for growth. >> that's right, that is what they say. but, look, he says that it is not as good as extending unemployment benefits, or taking
3:23 pm
on a host of other stimulus kind of projects that would actually past the economy more like infrastructure spending. >>shepard: the best thing is to spend money on food stamps because they come back $1.71 to $1. >>reporter: but any are in the doing that. >>shepard: the one thing that is lost in this matter of tax cuts is, it is not just tax cuts for the rich but tax cuts for everybody. for the first $250,000 everyone goes back to previous rates, and everything above that is taxed so everybody every single person every business, will keep it as this rate but over $250,000. >>reporter: everyone gets a tax cut. you pay the same amount at similar levels but there is a concern here that if you to reinstate the bush tax cuts you will not get the same level of revenue and that is a problem because we have a $14 trillion debt, $1.4 trillion deficit, and
3:24 pm
lots of problems there and he is worried about having enough money to pay for the government going forward. >>shepard: i know that from the year that the tax cuts went into play, each year after that we kept getting bigger deficit. >>reporter: we were financing wars and other things going on i don't think that was brought up in this testimony. >>shepard: thank you for the two cents. see you at 5:00 eastern and 4:00 in oxford today. stay tuned. >>shepard: new testimony in the deadly home invasion trial in connecticut, a horrible story. the today a state official took the stand to explain in graphic detail how somebody set a fire that killed a mother and her two
3:25 pm
daughters. [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man.
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>>shepard: the very disturbing home invasion trial in connecticut continues today with testimony from a state fire marshal. two men followed this family, actually, a woman and her two daughters home from the grocery store and held them hostage in their home. the prosecutors say the suspect,
3:28 pm
these are the suspects, tied up the father, raped and strangled the mother, raped her 11-year-old daughter, set the fire that killed the girl and her sister, a devastating trial going on. the pictures from the scene are horrible. the fire fire marshal said somebody poured gasoline or something like it over the beds of the two girls and set it on fire. prosecutors say the girls were tied to the beds when it happened and they died of smoke inhalllation. the father made it out. and now, the jurors, i guess, saw a lot more of the horrible photographs from the crime scene. >>reporter: the fire marshal was back on the stand from the testimony on friday talking about the axle rapt that was used at the crime scene described how the fire spread in a rapid violent manner and confirms that the fire was set by human hands and was started with a match on the first floor
3:29 pm
near where the body of the mother was found. friday, the jurors heard they pored it over their bodies and around the period rooms. the two girls died from smoke inhalation and jurors heard testimony that both suspects in the case had gasoline on their boots and clothing at time of their arrest right after they fled the scene. there are the pictures. >>shepard: the defense attorney is in trouble for speaking about this to reporters. >>reporter: he came out on friday, the lawyer, had been ordered no you to attend a court hearing october 6 to tell a judge why he should not be held in contempt for what he said on the courtroom steps on friday saying he felt the need to let the family know he did not believe the younger daughter was sexually violated by his client, josh joshua komisarjevsky the way it was alleged although there is statement, and the
3:30 pm
statement included graphic details about the assault which infewerrated the family and according to documents infuriated the judge, as well. >>shepard: thank you from the newsroom in new york. we are getting a breaking news alert, a red alert, from associated press. the north korean kim chong-il, we have been talking about this, has just named his son, and we believe about to take over, has named him vice chairman of the ruling party's military commission. this is from reuters: north korean kim chong-il's son and heir to the state, kim chong-il, has named a member of the ruling party's central committee. this is according to state media, from kim chong-il, and his son is believed to have been born in 1983 or 1984, and has been given the full public title
3:31 pm
today as a general was named to the post at a party conference, the first party conference of its kind in 30 years. and now jonathan, the only organized part of their entire society and of their government is the military. and now kim the younger, which you coined him and he is forever that in studio b, kim the younger is now the head of this, they spite the fact we have absolutely no reason to believe he has had military expense of any kind. period. >>reporter: appear extraordinary promotion for a man who is if his late 20's, but, two important points: he is vice chairman of the military commission, a hugely powerful position because the military is so powerful it is one of the only organized structures when the country, one of the only structures that can guarantee getting food on their plate every single day.
3:32 pm
but, also, the other point that he has become a pen of the ruling workers' party central committee. those are the two institutions that have all the power, list rally, all the power, in north korea, the party and the military. he now has senior positions it seems, in both of those. every indication, shep, that he will be the next leader of north korea and another point, the experts we specific to said that if it was made clear during the party conference that he is going to be the successor, then, that says something significant about the health of kim chong-il. the experts i spoke of said if this is this year, that means that kim chong-il is very, very sick, indeed, and may not have long to live. >>shepard: there has always been a concern, and as one who has followed was industry froms did has followed castro, we don't know but someone is in
3:33 pm
charge of a nuclear switch. to we have a 26-year-old son of the leader in charge of that? we don't know. >>reporter: we know from experience that kim chong-il will not actually hand over an ounce of power until he actually dies. he is obsessed with power and he will, according to the experts, keep it. but he is clearly grooming this young man to take over and one would assume it means on the day that kim chong-il dies that he, this 20-something-year-old, will have his finger on the nuclear but the top but, again, the experts say that there are competing factions and kim chong-il could be trying to position his son here, there are others who will compete. his sister was named a general yesterday. that gives her a lot of power. her husband is a powerful voice in her ear and in the ear of this young son. and those two, the sister of kim
3:34 pm
chong-il and her husband, may decide when it comes to it they don't like the idea of being the key advisors but they want all the power so there could be a power struggle. no one knows what will happen when kim chong-il dies. the chinese will certainly be trying to interfere. it is an opportunity for the u.s. to remake relations but it is an opportunity, too, that is filled with danger. >>shepard: it is late at fight there. i have in idea why they would release this information now but they try to manipulate the news cycle over here and the only way north korea gets attention is getting itself back to six party talks and continuing this because their only export, the only real ex-expert, is -- expot is whens. if they cannot do that, they will have another familiar inlike though did in the 1990's,
3:35 pm
the only industrialized nation in the world to have a famine. i guess they are a great concern to the pentagon. >>reporter: and the biggest concern of all, of course, is whether north korea is in a position to sell nuclear weapons. if they can do that, and if they can sell more of their technology to the iranians, for instance, that is a major danger that we all have to face that is why there are some experts who say we have to take this opportunity to reengage north korea. others and i smoke to both sides today, say that no, there is the approach, that has to be an absolute hard-line approach. this is an opportunity for us if you like, to "turn the screws" on north crow but those two opinions show how difficult it is for anybody to decide exactly how to deal with this very, very, secretive nation. >>shepard: thank you with the
3:36 pm
news from north korea. first, though, big topic is texting while driving. a number of states ban it. but is that the best way to avoid crashes? a study says it is not, but others say hang on, the transportation secretary has responded. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: you can soon buy large bottles of creams, gels and liquids when you fly. meaning sometime in 2012 because then large jars are no longer going to be a problem. they are a problem now. like lighters. remember them? they were a problem. until they decided they weren't a problem. this comes from the head of the u.n. aviation group saying most airports will have new equipment to find explosives in water bottles and lotion or
3:40 pm
toothpaste. they were banned when there was a plot to employee up a flight using liquids and they banned lighters. and they unbanned them because they were dangerous. and then they were not dangerous. >> a study reports that laws that ban textsing while drive having not reduced auto crashes or accidents at all. in fact, the study says the laws could be increasing car crashes. the report from the highway data institute reports other distractions do cause crashes but are not regulated by law. this has been our complaint from the beginning. you can eat a big mac and a large fry and a frosty but you cannot text. what is worse, women painting their nails, or i suppose men who paint their nails are station? eating while driving? playing with the radio while lifing? or a woman nearly backed into a police officer's car because she packed her car with 15 cats.
3:41 pm
transportation secretary lahood responded to this study calling it "misleading." trace, 15 cats from los angeles. cell phones; are they as dangerous? if i am texting i am distracted. i know i am. >>reporter: you are. the institutes which is a group that refused insurance claims and they say "no," and they took the numbers from the national transportation highway safety board and put them on the screen and here is what they came away with: they say distracting driving last year, 5,474 lost their lives and 995 of those involved cell phones. you see the injuries. so, their premise is, look at the cell phones, and that is 82 percent that do not involve cell phones. that, in fact, what we are doing is focusing so much on cell phones that we are not focusing on what you just said. that is, the person painting
3:42 pm
their nail, the cat is in the dollar and the big mac, which is what we should be focusing on, distracted driving overall not just the use of cell phones. the transportation secretary, big dispute says this is misleading and he says "between 2005 and 2008 distracted driving related fatalities jumped from 10 percent to 16 percent in all traffic fatalities." in 2009 for the first time in four years, distracted driving fatalities stopped rising, remaining at 16 percent with tough laws and enforcement must be next, we know that antidistracted driving laws can be enforced effectively." so transportation secretary says the study is not accurate. >>shepard: everyone is all over the texting bandwagon, the new smoking but the laws are not effective according to the survey. at all. >>reporter: they say there are 30 states and the district that
3:43 pm
now have laws against texting while driving. now, what they did, the highway institute, they took four states -- washington, california, louisiana and minnesota -- compared insurance claims before the ting laws went into affect and after and they found that the collisions actually went up after people had the ting laws in place and they believe the reason is because instead of ting in front of you like this, now you are trying to hide from the cops and you are ting below the dashboard and you have to keep looking down. >>shepard: thank you, trace, from los angeles. we could find out, we now believe we will find out this week about rahm emanuel, the president's chief of sta and whether he will leave the white house. we think he will run for chicago, he says he has family stuff to take care of. what does that mean for the administration? for all of us? stay tuned.
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call this toll-free number now. >>shepard: north korea with a lot of moves today. and not the least of which north korea's official news agency is confirming what we have reported, that the leader kim chong-il's son is named the central military commission in a ruling workers party. like the vice chairman of all the stuff. the official korean central news agency said that his son, the son of kim chong-il, is named vice chairman of the central military commission and is the first known political post for his youngest son. we think he is 26 or 27 and he has no expense in absolutely anything and now he is in charge. congratulations to our grew friend. continuing coverage of other top story, big changes ahead for the obama administration. the white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, is expected to step down to run for mayor of chicago.
3:48 pm
but he says he has things to work out. we will know by friday. an announcement could come by then. but rahm emanuel's departure could leave a big hole to fill. the chief of staff is responsible for overseeing the white house staff and is the gatekeeper to the oval office and he decided who gets to the president. so what does this mean for president obama? six weeks ahead of the midterm election? with us is the cofounder and executive editor of the website. what does it mean for all of us would watch this thing? >>guest: probably in the a lot in the short term because congress is leaving town and there are only five weeks before the election and nothing as far as heavy lifting to accomplish before then. obama is on the campaign trail. as was reported earlier eyes are open pete rouse being appoint the interim chief of staff if rahm emanuel leaves and he is
3:49 pm
different, low key, not quoted in the papers and he was obama's chief of staff in the senate. that will take him through the election and depend on what happens in november, obama is going to have to make a decision, he will reach outside of his circle, in inner circle? >>shepard: and tom daschle? egging he is a name out there. and leon panetta, and, also, national security advisor is a name that is said to be on the short list. at least at this stage. >>shepard: as an observer of the process and realizing where the deficiencies seem to lie, what would you think with be the biggest task to write this white house, to get back some of the narrative as it runs? >>guest: well that is a good question. that probably falls more in the communications job than with the chief of staff. there are signs that robert
3:50 pm
gibbs will move out and that would leave the communications post open. in the press room. chief of staff, rahm emanuel is a hard charger, a guy up there, on the hill, on the phone all the time, abrasive and did not take people's feel evening -- feelings into account. >>shepard: pressure, pressure, pressure. >>guest: that could be something looking ahead, depending on what happens with the election if the administration wants to take more of a conciliatory tone toward the hill, they would look for someone who is the opposite of rahm emanuel in that regard. >>shepard: thank you, tom. now the budget over marijuana legalization in california. make the pot legal, tax the pot, fix the economy is the thinking. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: and now an update on former president carter getting hospitalized. we have word the white house has says president obama has spoken with former president carter that the president called former president from air force one and he is hospitalized in cleveland. the white house spokesman says that president obama called president carter from air force one and he said the 8 a-year-old former president fell ill and "feels great," and will return to the book tour. again, the book tour is underway for a book called "white house
3:55 pm
diary," former president carter, 85, sick in the hospital today, and he is doing much better, and he feels great. he will be right back on the tour when days. call the vice squad, a battle is brewing in california. in one corner. marijuana. the state's biggest cash crop. which is up for legalization in a vote in november. in the other corner: beer. and the state's beverage people who are spending big bucks to shoot this down. why can't they get along? >>reporter: well, we are talking about a battle over the buzz and now it does include the bud or the brew, the california beer and beverage distributeers donating $10,000 to defeat proposition 19. that is the ballot measure
3:56 pm
legalizing recreational pot for adults. if the measure passes, employers would be prevented from drug testing their workers for marijuana, in a statement saying "this would allow california beer distributors to operate hundreds of big rig trucks and trailers on highways exposing the public to potential harm." those supporting the legalization argue that getting high is far less dangerous than getting drunk, and government figures show that in 200812,000 were killed in dwoi-related accidents and smoking pot may impair driving, the federal government doesn't keep stats on how many accidents were caused by stoned drivers. the pot advocates say the number is so small and suggest that california beer sellers are really worried about protecting their turf. >> there is a history of alcohol company putting money against propositions such as ours and it could be that their concern for the competition.
3:57 pm
>>reporter: a poll has this measure passing 49 percent to 42 percent, a reversal from the last poll done pack -- back in july and an indication that more than ever the voters are willing to "just say yes." >>shepard: beer distributors will worried the drivers will smock up while driving? >>reporter: and they are framing this as a public safety issue and they say that doing away with drug testing will make it harder for the transportation businesses to get liability insurance. >>shepard: rock on, beer distributeers. stay tuned.
3:58 pm
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